The Idea of Conquering

February 22nd, 2010 by Sharkchild

Conquering is in our blood. We must have. We must own. We must take. A child desires a toy, a teenager longs for a car, a man lusts for money, power, and women, and a woman lusts for the shiny wonders of our world. There is always something—at any given moment—that we long for. There is always one more thing.

When is enough, enough? When can we finally say that we are fully satisfied and not one more item or cent will make us feel one ounce more fulfilled? We never can and it is never enough, and this is why: there is no such thing as permanent ownership. Therefore, when I say enough is never enough, I mean that it is impossible to have enough because no matter how much we have—how much we have “conquered”—we have or will lose it: every penny, every article, every inch. This is no myth or hypothetical gesture of thought; this is reality. Death escapes no one.

I caution everyone’s agendas in life. What matters? What is meaning? I deny that meaning is garnered by the size of your wallet or the immensity of your home. While such materials are beneficial and objects of temporary happiness, I believe that our journeys here on this ever-so-slowly dying world are our candidacies for a potential election into roles of a different kind of power (not the power to change the world or the power to own a piece of it): the power of joy, which is far removed from the ideals of happiness. Joy can be happy, but it can also be sorrowful. It can be empathetic and encouraging, and it can be giving and selfless. The right question to ask yourself—if you are serious about this path of life you walk—is: Do you have joy? Joy cannot be found in possessions and it cannot be earned. If you have joy, then I believe you are making the most of your time—for the focus of your life is not on things, but on life itself.

Your statement to me at this point may be: If what you say is true, then under such an argument nothing really matters, since we lose it all in the end. On the contrary, everything matters: choices, relationships, actions. Making a mark matters, but not making one of ephemeral material. Make your mark in joy. It influences, its sets an example, it leads, and it brings about peace.

Until we stop conquering, the world—our lives and the lives of those after us—will never be safe.

Be an Outsider.

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