The Donnie Darko of Sound

May 19th, 2011 by Sharkchild

The Birthday Massacre, in their debut album, Violet, is the first band I have heard to initiate a sound that I can easily deem as Alice in Wonderland Goth. For me, their sound seems to have come from a darker ’80s in a parallel universe. The ambiance of the music is in a league of its own—completely unique, completely alluring. The electronic melodies are so simple and yet so hauntingly delightful. The mixture of whispering within the singing also helps to set the surreal mood. If you listen to this album, you will know there is something special immediately and that it absolutely should not be overlooked. An appropriate comparison to The Birthday Massacre would be Donnie Darko; just as Donnie Darko is to movies, The Birthday Massacre is to music.

While I only give this album four stars out of five, I do not want to detract from its powerful impact; the fifth star was only lost for me because of production quality and some pitchiness in the singing. I have also already listened to the newer album, Walking With Strangers, which is a complete masterpiece—a progression of quality and exceptionality.

Violet by The Birthday Massacre

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