The Cannibal Within

April 20th, 2011 by Sharkchild

People are the death of themselves.

They eat themselves to death. They lust themselves to death. They greed themselves to death. They worry and stress themselves to death. They dream out the reality of consequence and numb out the ambition of dreams. They leech upon their pasts until they suck dry the life in breathing.

Perhaps it is better to die—to die so that we may gain another chance to live. Or perhaps it is better to die just so death can show us the truth of our pitiful failure in life, because maybe then we will finally learn the right way to live, and live in death with that ironic burden.

Another possibility would be to live the right way now. What way is that? Don’t be so angry. Don’t be so stressed. Don’t be so quick to gain from someone else’s loss. Don’t be so quick to ruin your children’s lives over the selfishness of fleeting, destructive pleasure. Don’t be so shallow in holding the secrets that consume and tear you apart in the lonesomeness of a world that spews hell upon your soul. Don’t be the center of the black hole that drives the hatred, malice, immorality, and judgment of mankind. These things I know, but how to get there, I will let you decide for yourself. Just know that death is at your door, waiting to knock it in and take what you so foolishly take for granted: your heart.

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    I thought this was absolutely fantastic.

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