That Mouth Inside

April 21st, 2011 by Sharkchild

I kept digging and digging and digging at the wound. The pain of its secretions caused my temples to pound. I had to see what was there beneath the skin; I had to know the color of that darkness within. It was hard at first, to dig in myself, but as I got deeper, I cared less for myself. The closer I got—the more I could feel it in my bones—so I continued to dig and chiseled into my bone. The flaking of my frame was like the sweat of my toil and the sweat on my skin was like the release of my inner coil. Blood kept blocking me from the task at hand, so I kept taking drinks to clear off the body’s land.

When I reached my internal darkness, I was filled with ecstasy. What there was before my eyes was truly incredible to see. I was not such a firm believer of fantasy and ghosts; I had always been a promoter of the holier, scientific hosts. But what I saw was this, and it comes not from fairytale: within my bone was a mouth speaking in reverse. It said, “Crime death’s to yourself give and yourself eat to time,” which correctly heard would be: “Time to eat yourself and give yourself to death’s crime.” So I began to feed myself to the mouth within myself. I ate and ate away, so in my own mouth I died and stayed. It seems everything is controlled by That Mouth Inside; whatever is done in life, within it death resides.

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