On Being

February 8th, 2010 by Sharkchild

Who are we? Who are you? I’m not talking about your name, or your ethnicity, or your religion; I’m talking about the consciousness that you so ignorantly control and use to inhabit your mind and move your body. By what power were you placed into the country you were raised in, with the family who raised you, and in the order you were delivered (if you have siblings)? Your consciousness could have been born into billions of possibilities, yet it came to be where you are now.

What I write of goes beyond all of the operating pieces of your body—beyond the genetics in your blood and beyond the neurons in your brain. All of these pieces are what they are—a fully functional human being—but they don’t make you. Even the personality you contain is like the theme on a computer—an appearance limited and influenced by components and by history; it still doesn’t give you the authorization over what you now control and the life you now live.

I bring this matter up to elicit curiosity, and a curiosity further reaching than the dismal trap of either cherishing or not cherishing the origins you come from. I am asking you to delve deeper. Genuinely think about the essence that is you. The real you is hidden in the domains of interpretation that only come with active pursuit. Ponder it: Is it arbitrary? Is it luck? Is it fate? Is it placement by a higher power? I am asking the questions, but you have to come up with your own answers. The answers aren’t concrete or comprehensibly absolute, but they are worth scrutinizing with your piercing intellect, and more, your heart beyond hearts.

Lastly, do not place all of the focus on the how, although it is important and the core of my philosophical jab; also place focus on the control of the you you are—the choices you make and the future you prepare.

Be an Outsider.

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