In the End It is Carrion

December 3rd, 2010 by Sharkchild

The body, as appearance, let me devour, let me destroy.

We are so imprisoned by our outer shells—deathly imprisoned. We either let our bodies determine the way we live or we limit the way we can live because of our bodies. Both are pathways of failure. The body is but a façade. And I speak of the body in appearance. Not in health. Not in athleticism. Not in talent. Looking to the body as a vessel of beauty as a supplement and enhancement to the journey of life creates a nemesis to thought, choice, and who we truly are. It can divide us, restrain us, and deaden us.

Have you ever thought about just how insignificant your body (shell as I will call it from now on) is in relation to the things that matter?—and I speak of things beyond pleasure and beyond things fleeting, for time and age befall us all.

Your shell does not grant happiness. Your shell does not grant intelligence and knowledge. Your shell does not grant science and technology. Your shell does not grant law. Your shell does not grant war and peace. Your shell does not grant literature and art. Your shell does not grant philosophy and theology. Your shell does not grant love.

You are not what you see! Everyone relies on sight, but sight is what blinds us. It is that which resides inside that matters! The power within is the power that can defy gravity, move the world, create new worlds, jump universes, and face death with the fury of unrelenting hope. The shell is nothing but a unique mask of physical reflection given to you (and in many of its aspects without choice) that warns you of hurt and withers; so why choose to be ruled by it or let it rule you? Know your shell as null.

Pain, disease, torture—if the shell fades, you should not.

Be an Outsider.

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