Evil is Imagination

February 4th, 2010 by Sharkchild

Evil is imagination. Isn’t it? It starts with a subtle spark in the mind as a wayward, sadistic vision—something conjured from the pit of the artistic self: a cunning verbal assault, sleek revenge, picturesque destruction. It then, with further provocation, evolves into an inferno of unstoppable action—action that cannot be ignored, hindered, or forced away. Bam! A blinding moment hits that blurs intelligence, common sense, and any acknowledgment of the powers of good (or it simply mocks the idea of good for the sake of twisted justice). Evil—what was first only a fabrication of the mind—pours into reality.

It may be an instantaneous reaction or a well-thought out plan, but it is what it is: evil. And it is an inventive choice. No one raises a child to hit when angry; it’s the child’s own secret wish, boiled to the surface by consequence. The extremes of adult behavior within this category need not be marked amongst these words, but these actions, too, are casualties of imagination gone wrong, gone real.

There is a strange death in following through with the decisions of wickedness. We lose pieces of ourselves to things lingering beneath the surfaces that are not ourselves. Then those pieces that we lose grow on their own and erode elsewhere: a crack that becomes a canyon. And we all say I could never do that. But you can! We all can. It is potential versus actual. The thoughts—the imagination of it all—cross all of our minds, but do we all act?—no. Only the weak. And I say weak because to act means to lose self-control.

I encourage everyone to be patient and to give resolution a chance. There is a monster in all of us, but it is a monster that can easily be subdued. Pursue your dreams, however dark they may be, but only as fictitious landscapes. Let not those demons of chaos trickle through the gateways of our minds to the actions of our hands.

Be an Outsider.

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